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                  BT-D2 motorized two way valve

                  BT-D2 series electrical valve is used to control the on-off for fan coil of central air conditioner, consists of forging brass body and silver actuator cover. It can control the on-off and the flow of the central air-conditioning fan coil units system and air hose system.

                  BT-D2 motorized two way valve

                  tconsists of forging brass body, stainless base and silver cover, which adopt the totallyenclosed hysteresis synchronous motor stainless springreturn. With the character of little power consumption, low noise, it is also easy to use and the motor speed will not affected by voltage under rated frequency. When the motor overloads, the motor coil will not be burnt down. Snap-fit is used between actuator and valve. It is convenient to install and dismount.


                  Technical Reference
                  Driving motor: Hysteresis synchronous motor 
                  Operating Voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz~60Hz
                  Power consumption: ≤6W
                  Valve nominal pressure: 1.6M pa
                  Fluid temperature: 2℃~90℃
                  Ambient temperature: 5℃~60℃
                  Connect method: snap-fit
                  Applicable medium: chilled water, hot water